Aristotle, Politics, Book I: A Reconsideration

Winthrop, Delba. "Aristotle, Politics, Book I: A reconsideration." Perspectives on Political Science 37.4 (Fall 2008).

Modern science, particularly Thomas Hobbes, begins with a broad attack on Aristotle intended to replace “Aristotelity” in the universities. This attack, however, was superficial and never properly reconsidered when Hobbes and his cohort were in turn superseded. The connection between politics and nature deserves a reconsideration and receives it in this article on Book I of Aristotle’s Politics. The author adopts Hobbes’ assertion that Aristotle’s politics and metaphysics are connected and shows how Aristotle defends politics by considering whether human beings are natural slaves and by repelling the economic view that all nature is the property of man.

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