Aristotle “Nicomachean Ethics” Book Six

Greenwood, L. H. G. Aristotle “Nicomachean Ethics” Book Six. New York: Arno Press, 1973 (reprint of the 1909 ed.).


“In section I  of the introduction the editor discusses the authorship of the sixth book, lucidly and convincingly refuting the arguments of those who would assign it to the Eudemian Ethics,  and adducing evidence in support of his view that Aristotle was indeed its author. The positive argument is not so strong as the negative, but is well copulated in form and temper to confirm the natural presumption in favor of the authenticity of the book. Section II  of the introduction  its offers an admirable statements of Aristotle’s doctrine of intellectual goodness. The Greek text is conservatively handled, and the translation, facing the text, is in itself excellence and made even more valuable by the explanatory footnotes. 2 essays are appended: I “Dialectic method in the sixth book”; II, “On Formal Accuracy in Aristotle, Illustrated by the Sixth Book.” “Miscellaneous Notes” and English and Greek indices conclude the volume.

In substance Mr. Greenwood’s  edition is unusually excellent. He has faced and honestly endeavored to solve every difficulty; consequently this reviewer must hesitate before expressing dissent even at the few points where he is inclined to differ from the editor.”

Review from Classical Philology, Vol. 7, No. 1

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