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  • Medieval Philosophy: St. Thomas Aquinas

    - Ralph McInerny, Introduction to Thomas Aquinas, 2008.
    The Late Ralph McInerny introduces the work of St. Thomas Aquinas
  • The Church’s “Common Doctor”: Thomas Aquinas and the Contemporary Catholic University

    - Miller, J. Michael. "The Church's 'Common Doctor': Thomas Aquinas and the Contemporary Catholic University." Lecture delivered to the University of St. Thomas, 2010.
    Archbishop Miller discusses the encouragement that is found in recent papal documents, including those of Benedict XVI, for the study of St. Thomas Aquinas in seminaries and universities and the importance of such study at this critical juncture in the… More
  • Being a Disciple of St. Thomas Aquinas in the Pursuit of Wisdom

    - Audio recording. Dewan, Rev. Lawrence. Lecture delivered as part of the St. Thomas Aquinas Lecture Series, Christendom College, 2011.
    Christendom College hosts a distinguished speaker each year on or around the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas (January 28) to speak on a philosophical or theological topic.