Can a Tenth Century Aristotelian Help us Understand Plato’s Laws? by Steven Harvey

Harvey, Steven. "Can a Tenth Century Aristotelian Help us Understand Plato's Laws?" in Plato's Laws: From Theory of Practice. Eds. Samuel Scolnicov and Luc Brisson. Sankt Augustin: Akademica Verlag, 2003.  

Overview: Argues that even if Alfarabi did not have access to the same Platonic text that we possess, he can still help us understand Plato’s Laws.

Volume Description:

The articles of this volume are a selection of the papers presented at the Sixth Symposium Platonicum of the International Plato Society, held in Jerusalem, in August 2001…They reflect the breadth of topics and the range of problems present in Plato’s Laws. Problems of editing and literary form, rhetoric and style, Homeric quotations; the Socratic influence; soul and motion; pleasure, virtue, and happiness, ethics and education, gender; public offices, economics, and philosophy of history; political philosophy and religion. Addressed are also the historical and literary contexts of the Laws, and its later repercussions.

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