[in chronological order]

Major Works

  • Political Treatise (1676) – Spinoza, Baruch. Political Treatise, ed. Jonathan Israel. Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Company, 2000.
  • Ethics (1677) – Spinoza, Benedictus de. A Spinoza Reader: The Ethics and Other Works. Translated by Edwin M. Curley. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1994
  • Theologico-Political Treatise (1670) – Spinoza, Baruch. Theologico-Political Treatise. Edited by Martin Yaffe. Newsbury: Newburyport: Focus Publishing/R. Pullins Co., 2004.


  • Steven Nadler on Spinoza – Steven Nadler on Spinoza at Beyond Belief, 2006.
  • Roundtable on Spinoza’s Philosophy – Roundtable on Spinoza's Philosophy hosted by the Philoctetes Center, February, 2009. Speakers were Akeel Bilgrami, Jonathan Israel, Steven Nadler, Joel Whitebook, and Catherine Wilson.

Other Works

  • Complete Works
    Spinoza, Baruch. Spinoza: Complete Works. Edited by Michael L. Morgan. Translated by Samuel Shirley. Indianapolis: Hackett Pub Co Inc, 2002.
  • Correspondence
    Spinoza, Baruch. The Letters, ed. Shirley, et. al. Indianapolis: Hackett Pub. Co., 1995.